Silverline Saw Horse, Twin Pack, 100 kg

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Plastic with non-slip rubber inserts in the top and non-slip rubber feet. Max load 100 kg per horse. Overall height 800 mm.

This set of 2 sawhorses from Silverline is a pair of practical saw horses for resting your work on. You can saw pieces of wood for a DIY project or saw branches in your garden for firewood.

These 2 sawhorses have black plastic, fold out frames. Each horse can support up to 100kg. Ideal for when you need to saw boards to fit, or you are making your own furniture. Blue, non-slip rubber inserts on the top of each horse prevents your work from sliding about as you are sawing your piece.

The sawhorses are portable, you can fold them down and put them in the back of a van and take them to a work site. You can set up these saw horses in your garden, workshop or garage. They rest on non-slip rubber feet to provide stability as you are sawing through wood, even on uneven ground.

When they are set up, they support your work at a height of 800mm. After you have finished our work for the day, you can fold them up and put them away till you need them for the next occasion. These saw horses come with a lifetime guarantee.