PTFE Water Tape, White, 12 mm x 12 m

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PTFE water tape is a non-adhesive tape for use with threaded fittings and compression joints on all types of water pipes, compressed air cooling and hydraulic systems.


  • WRAS and EN751-3 approved.
  • Complies with BS7786 1995 Grade L.


  • Do not use on pipes, which contain liquid oxygen or flourine.
  • Do not use on pressure greater than 30 bar
  • It is the users responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt contact technical services for advice.


Remove any dirt, grease or metal shavings from threads. Apply the PTFE tape on the joint following the inclination of the thread overlapping by ½ to ¾ tape width (depending on thickness required). Apply tape with an even firm tension to ensure tight fitting around the thread.

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