FirmaHold 16g, 1.6x38 mm, Stright Brads & Fuel Pack, Paslode Compatible

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FirmaHold 16 Gauge Straight Galbanised Brad Nails, 1.6x38 mm  can be used in cordless and pneumatic second fix brad nailers. The box comes with 2 gas cells.

Stainless steel must be used where there is a corrosive environment and/or where the base material has inherent corrosive characteristics: green oak or cedar.

  • Length (mm): 38
  • Nails per strip; 50
  • Collation Angle: Straight
  • Fuel Cell Qty: 2
  • Diameter: 16
  • Gauge (metric): 16
  • Size: 16g x 38/2BFC
  • Coating Type: Galvanised


Fittings & Fixings
Length 38 mm
Size 38 mm
Color & Plating Galvanised