Blanchon Pro Filler, 5 L

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Blanchon Pro Filler is a waterbased, fast-drying resing binder, formulated for filling cracks, joints and small fissured, splits and holes in bonded wood floors (wide finger parquet), furniture and woodwork.

Do not use on floors laid on joists! 

Blanchon Pro filler needs to be shaken well before use. It comes in a natural finish, that doesn't change the colour of the wood. 

Blanchon Pro filler must always be used before the final sanding. Mix carefully with fine sawdust from the second sanding until the desired texture ( 20% sawdust for a fluid binder and up to 50% sawdust for thicker). Apply with a stainless-steel spatula. 

Coverage may vary, depending on the proportions used. 

Drying time before sanding: 20 - 30 minutes



Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage Depends on the proportions
Drying Time 20 - 30 minutes
Application Tools Spatula
Pack Size 5 L
Filler Specification
Color Clear
Filler Type Resin

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